Engaged on Foxfire Farm: Amanda & Michael

July 8, 2019

Take a moment to mentally list off a few things that make you genuinely happy. Here’s a few of mine: Anthropologie (even if I don’t buy anything, just the aesthetic is pleasing enough), finishing a good book (nothing like a little accomplishment!), and meeting someone (or someones) who you instantly feel yourself around. I think that last one can be said for most people, and it was exactly how I felt when I met Amanda and Michael. I’ve met a lot of well suited couples, but Amanda & Michael balance each other so well that it creates a whole new level of relationship goals I didn’t realize existed. You’ll just have to meet them to know what I mean, but in the mean time, I’ll share some of these photos from their engagement session at their family farm that hopefully show their amazing personalities and love for each other.


I can’t wait to be back at this same spot for their wedding in September! Until then, cheers!

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