Kelly & Matthew: Engaged (& why outfits matter!)

June 12, 2019

More than likely, when you create a plan, you can expect it to not go exactly as planned. That was the case while planning Kelly and Matthew’s engagement session, which were full of dreams of cherry blossoms in the early morning light. Luckily, we got half of that, but unfortunately we just couldn’t make it for the peak bloom, and instead decided to visit the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. In this case, it worked out for a good reason, because the real show stoppers were Kelly and Matthew themselves. With Kelly wearing a gorgeous, sophisticated red dress and Matt in a suit carefully matching Kelly, they paired effortlessly with the surrounding architecture, almost outshining the sun itself.


You may not have considered it, but what you wear to your engagement session makes a difference! Because we shot at a location with a lot of neutral colors, Matt and Kelly’s outfit choices were enhanced and really added dimension to their photos. When shooting in a location that has a variety of textures and colors, choosing a neutral, understated outfit might look best. Creating balance pays off, so consider this when deciding what to wear!

Featured on The White Wren. Film processing by The Find Lab.


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