An Unforgettable Day at the Family Farm

September 10, 2018

Remember the high school dances that everyone went to, whether it was just with a group of friends or with a date? Well, that’s how it all started for Leah and Casey, who met nine years ago at the homecoming dance and instantly hit it off. They would start dating a year afterwards, becoming an inseparable pair whose stars were aligned to be together forever.


There is something about watching a ceremony between two people who have waited so long for this moment. The way Casey and Leah looked at each other, their friends and family full of happiness for two people who deserve it most. Under an arch of flowers, they made their promises to each other.




Rain and storms were scheduled to roll in at any moment, and it wasn’t until after dinner was served that we got a huge show of pounding rain and lighting! Nothing stopped this party though. The music played, the guests danced, and the night went on and out with a bang! And cheers to this amazing couple who are now beginning their lives together in North Carolina!

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