Jessica & Garrett’s Shenandoah Engagement

July 13, 2018

When I first suggested going to Shenandoah for Jessica and Garrett’s engagement session, I don’t think we fully knew what we were getting ourselves into. I drove through the park entrance with 25 minutes still to go until I reached our meeting spot and each overlook had me thinking what am I doing to this poor couple?! Winding up a mountain for 13 miles at 40 mph really took me back to Highway 1, and motion sickness, but hey, new experiences with new couples are a good combination, and with this being the first time all of us visited Shenandoah, it was an amazing evening to be on a mountain top.

At the end of the session, we all probably said 15+ times about how we were glad we chose Shenandoah. I’m even more excited to be doing it all over again for their wedding next year (however, this time we will stay in Maryland)! I hope soon I get to go back though. There is something about the mountains that makes me feel at home (could have been from living on the side of one for a year ;))


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