Jane Austen Inspiration at Liriodendron

May 25, 2018

I envision a lot of what life was like hundreds of years ago. It isn’t a time any of us can go back to, but is one that we can recreate and visit for a short time. I’m glad I’m not the only dreamer out there who is a lover of the old world, who is as much enamored as I am over the architecture, designs, and life that once used to be. Fortunately, there is still magic out there, and if you can’t seem to find it, you can always create it.

Jane Austen was always such a heroine to me – creating works that were ahead of her time, challenging herself with her writing and developing timeless characters that we still resonate with today. Pride and Prejudice will always be one of my favorites, both book and film, and recreating this in an editorial was one of my most favorite challenges.




Photography: Megan Harris Photography / Design: Caitlin Krebs Events / Venue: Liriodendron Mansion / Dress: Gossamer / Model: Karly Lebherz / Florals: Steelcut Flower Co. / Cake: The Cake Studio / Cake StandOpulent Treasures / Stationery: Shotgunning for Love Letters / Hair & Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer / Rentals: Something Vintage RentalsSelect Event Group


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