Krystie & Andrew | Lighthouse Sound, Ocean City, MD

February 11, 2018


What can I say? 2018 started off simply amazing. It was a rainy, foggy day, and who would have thought this would have added a whole new element of romance to Krystie and Andrew’s wedding day. The fog completely concealed the view of Ocean City off in the distance and we all kept repeating each other saying how we honestly could have been in the middle of Europe. The best thing though was from the beginning to the end of the day, everyone was simply happy, and it was something you could just feel all around you. Krystie and Andrew are two people who are so easy to get along with and truly hilarious. I think besides photographing, the second thing I did the most was smile and laugh at random things that were happening or things that were said throughout the day.

No wedding is left without being eventful in one way or another. I think driving golf carts around the what seemed like 50+ acre venue with the other vendors and bridal party took the cake. It’s a lot of fun to be spontaneous on your wedding day, because why not?! Finding all kinds of little spots around Lighthouse Sound was a little adventure in itself and a quick change of mind to take the bridal party out to the boardwalk made the day feel even more unique and special. I mean, I will take trips to the beach with no crowds any day (you all already know this) but taking a bridal party out on an empty boardwalk is a HOOT and totally 100% recommended. Can we just repeat this whole day over again? Here’s to this amazing couple and a lifetime of happiness to come their way.