Ocean City Marilyn

January 22, 2018

You don’t really think of going to the ocean much during the winter unless you live there, I guess. It’s actually become one of my favorite times to visit the ocean because there is hardly anyone on the beach (minus the couple walking their dog) and it feels so much more like an escape… with added wind chill and freezing cold water. But I’m willing to forgo the warm water and pleasant sea breeze to feel completely at peace and (almost) alone with the sea.

We tried to pick a warmish day to do this session but you can’t have summer in Maryland in the middle of January. It makes it all that much more fun when you know you’re going to freeze, you know?! We’re all just living for the thrill of it over here. And one day when we were going through photo inspiration for something beachy, we saw Marilyn wrapped in a cardigan playing in the water (on what was most likely a nice summer evening) and we both said YES.

Something about recreating iconic photoshoots is so satisfying. I guess it’s the challenge of studying various poses and settings and trying to recreate an original scene of some sort. It kind of makes you wonder why certain images become so iconic; is it just the person in them? The photographer that took them? All the elements coming together to create something unique? Either way, I’m excited to share these with you all! xx