Allison & Drew

January 10, 2018

I was SO sure 2017 was a done deal in the books, but when one of your 2018 brides comes to you saying they are only in town for a few days and asks if you’d be able to make some magic happen, you make magic happen. Even when the warmest day in the week is about 30 degrees plus wind chill! But nonetheless, when you’re making magic happen, you just don’t really consider the weather. I personally figure after living in one of the coldest places in this country (Midwest with, ya know, -25 degree weather after all the wind and such), 30 degrees is bearable.

Allison and Drew were honestly so impressive – I’m out there all bundled up and here they are, looking great and casual in the cold! Granted, we did drive around their property to each little spot with a warm car always within about 50 feet! Sometimes you have to cheat to make it work, you know? BUT, I will tell you over and over again – I love, love, love the wind. Yes, it definitely added to the chill, but it always adds so much more to the artistry of the photos. If there is something I love to incorporate into my work, it is those natural elements, like movement, textures and gorgeous color.

But getting back to this gorgeous couple – I was so, so happy to finally be able to meet these two. I’ve been so lucky with all my 2018 couples and it really is so fun meeting new clients, but I just have to say it again, because it feels like a dream to be able to work with people who feel like friends at the end of the day. Allison and Drew were only in Maryland for a short time – they’re currently living in Texas, where I have a clear memory of Allison telling me they would be going back to 60-70 degree weather (uh, yeah, I’ll take that please). We did their engagement session at their family home on the Eastern Shore – the same location their wedding will be taking place in June, which was such a treat! I just can’t wait to meet up with these two again soon to capture and be a part of their day.

I guess this is my first post of the new year! There is a lot to come and I can’t wait to share it all here, including a really exciting shoot to kick of the year happening super, super soon that is definitely going to get you inspired for Spring.