Family Friends

December 30, 2017

I thought Family Friends was a good title considering these guys have been my friends for so long they feel like family (think circa 2005). And also because I’m over their house almost every day, they have me over for dinner like, twice a week… this really isn’t an exaggeration, I promise! And this couple have been together for basically the same amount of time -they’ve kind of reached that point where they have lost their individual names and are just referred to as Nick and Carson. Let me just get straight to what you all are thinking – NO, this session did NOT end in a proposal, as much as it seems like it in that last photo. You know, sometimes you get tired and have to take a knee to rest. That’s really all it was. Carson thought it was hilarious but she also thinks everything is funny.

Let me just talk briefly about the little man who opened this little family session. He is my favorite little boy in the WORLD and also calls me Aunt Megan (sometimes (when asked to)). I didn’t realize how happy I’d feel to be able to watch my best friends kids be able to grow up and how awesome it is to brag about how insanely smart and funny they are. He is undeniably the smartest little boy I’ve ever met.

We did this little session right in their backyard and even Carson’s aunt happened to be in town to be in some of the shots. After we were all done, just chatting in their backyard, I came home and realized I was holding such a treasure on my memory card. At first it was because I couldn’t believe I got pictures of the whole family including Nick (you know, reluctant boyfriends), but it was mostly because I have these memories of my friends in such a happy time of their lives.

SO, cheers to it ALMOST being a new year, full of new memories to be made (and captured!). I can’t wait to find all the exciting things that will be happening in my friends lives and in my own (including the growth of this little business!).  xo