Untamed Beauty Bridal

July 30, 2017

Gown | Wren Bridal

Calls back a time when there were meadows as far as the eye could see. Tall, green grass you could lie down and go to sleep in. There were valleys, fresh air, blue skies, flowers all over the earth of indescribable shape and color. I used to think as I lay in those meadows, watching clouds spinning across the sky, what would happen if all this incredible beauty were lost for all time? – Meadows, Future Sound of London

This styled shoot feels so close to my heart. I think that’s partially because I was able to design everything down to the last detail, on my own, and partially because this is a scene that is truly from my dreams. If I could escape to the most blissful place in my mind, this is where I would go. This is what it would feel like. This is what you would see.

Besides the few stressful moments of putting things together, it was really fun to design from my vision and improvise when things didn’t work. I think it’s really important to not expect something to go completely the way you want to, because honestly, when does that ever happen? One thing I’ve noticed is that we are taught how to do something but it isn’t always followed up with a lesson on how to do the same thing or something similar if that doesn’t work out.

The gorgeous bouquet above? Not in my plan. I had a few BEAUTIFUL dahlias that I wanted to create a nice, full bouquet with and I got home and started creating something hours before it was time to go to the location to set up (not recommended)… and it totally flopped. I still had bought some beautiful greens and some larkspur (featured in bouquet above), so I tied that together in a loose bunch with a perfect summer red velvet ribbon, and there was my bouquet. Just as good if not better than what I had originally imagined. In the end, I don’t want to be stressed out about something I am creating, because the process is what get’s me to the final product and I want to be able to appreciate that – and have fun!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped with making this styled shoot happen, because it was NO easy task. It is completely possible, but especially if you’re playing the part of almost every separate vendor in your shoot, you’ll need a plan on being able to execute things the way you want. If you have a vision you want to create but don’t know where, how or when to start, just start somewhere and the rest will fall into place. xx

  1. Kristin says:

    MEGAN you did such an amazing job!!! Absolutely beauuuuutiful!!!

  2. Shaina says:

    These images are STUNNING!

  3. Ellie says:

    I love these pics so, so much!<3

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