Aaron Family at Matapeake

July 10, 2017














I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Aaron family last night at Matapeake Beach, right on the Chesapeake Bay. It was the perfect evening; comfortably warm, right on the water, and just the right light at every angle. It feels so good as a photographer to capture these moments for a new family.

I have always loved a good candid photo, and while some of these have more of the classic family photo feel, I wanted to be sure to capture the moments of baby grabbing moms hair, and dad playing with his son, because as much as the posed shot is beautiful, so are the little moments that happen in-between getting the shot. I love imperfect, raw, and messy. I love hair in the face, catching the laughter, and all the little moments that make up life. So, I leave you with this little collection of happiness in hopes you will get as much joy from these images as I do.


(Side note, it is Game of Thrones month you guys. Is anyone else freaking out?!)


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